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aimei group: how to survive and develop for a long time?

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Is the collapse of enterprises really the pot of epidemic situation?

There is no doubt that the epidemic has indeed brought great difficulties to the survival of many enterprises, but there may be various reasons for the problems of enterprises, not just the pot of the epidemic. The reason why many enterprises can not survive in emergencies is that they have poor anti risk ability. Even if the epidemic does not close down, they may fall into the next small puddle. Back to 13 years ago, there are many "anti epidemic models" that we like to talk about today. Because SARS faced bankruptcy, it finally turned to e-commerce and became a new giant. During the epidemic, Ctrip insisted on not laying off staff and "practised hard in the low period" and finally went public successfully. New Oriental, which even borrowed money from friends, also had to refund tuition fees to students and pay teachers' salaries. It responded quickly, turned to online office, strengthened employee care, and established Taobao's Ali These successful cases tell us that in the face of sudden difficulties, entrepreneurs' strategic vision, adaptability and long-term layout are the key factors for enterprises to successfully tide over the difficulties. And those enterprises that can't survive the storm also have a lot in common. Today, Emmy group will talk with you about how to survive and develop in the long run?

Poor ability to resist risks

In this epidemic situation, many small and medium-sized enterprises are facing the risk of death because of the small scale of enterprises, which leads to the increase of product costs and the limited resource channels. In addition, the high asset liability ratio of China's small and medium-sized enterprises leads to the increase of financial risk ability. In addition, many enterprise managers lack of professional training, management level is not high, personnel flow is frequent, which seriously affects the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Therefore, in order to improve the ability of enterprises to resist risks, even small enterprises should establish a sound management system. Management system is equivalent to the "immune system" of human body, which directly affects the operation and life span of enterprises. The more perfect the management system, the higher the per capita after tax profit, the stronger the anti risk ability of the enterprise.

No brand awareness

China's economic growth has brought a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities. New enterprises and new brands emerge in endlessly. However, due to the lack of brand awareness, many enterprises have been established for many years, but their brands and products are not strong enough. In the face of market test, they are easy to be "wiped clean" by stronger competitors. Therefore, enterprises should make good use of IP thinking, deeply lay out the personalized value of enterprises, truly combine IP thinking with product thinking, think about strategies from a commanding height, and constantly use new thinking, new models and new tools to improve the service, quality and flow strength of enterprises.

There is no plan and long-term vision

Whether it is large enterprises or small and medium-sized enterprises, the main reason is that they will fall in the face of wind and plant in the pit, or lack of long-term layout and planning vision. In the 2C era, Nokia, the mobile phone giant, collapsed, Jianlibao, the magic water of China, disappeared. Kodak, the former overlord, and numerous small enterprises that disappeared before the waves were aroused, all of which were caused by the lack of long-term layout, wrong prediction of the market, complacency and lack of decision-making. If an enterprise wants to have long-term planning and goals, it must simultaneously undertake the future strategic strategy, the current stable operation strategy, and the strategy to improve the survival and development environment of the enterprise. Starting from the three business laws of organization, marketing and resources, the enterprise should continue to think about the creation of core competitiveness such as technology, product, brand, management, culture, and so on, and not be influenced by the current favorable or adverse tactics The mind is bound.

Long term layout is the only way to achieve long-term development

"There are three types of businesses in the world: those who don't know what's going on; those who watch things happen; those who make things happen." This is the famous management master Michael Porter's famous saying, and also vividly shows the influence of formulating long-term development strategy on enterprises.

Even Baidu, which was in its heyday in the PC era with its search engine, missed the new wind in the mobile Internet era because of its complacency, and was left behind by Alibaba and Tencent. Therefore, it can only bet on the artificial intelligence which is still in the exploration stage. It can be seen that the success of an enterprise is to a greater extent the success of its strategy. If we do not have a long-term layout and correct development strategy, and only meet the current achievements, I am afraid we can only dominate an era. Once the market changes dramatically, there will be turbulence.

The so-called long-term layout, in addition to grasping the prospects of the market and the development context of the times, another important core is to establish an ecological circulation system that can endow each other. The enterprises with single income model have been hit the most in this epidemic. Therefore, finding and implementing multiple cash flows, optimizing the revenue structure, and establishing a multi-element sector with mutual empowerment are the key to improve the ability to resist risks.

In recent two years, in order to improve the anti risk ability, the major enterprises are carrying out multi layout. Its business scope extends from film to entertainment business such as drama, performance, variety show, etc.; it starts with express delivery and extends to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, finally opening up Shunfeng in the fields of trade and finance; country garden with multi layout and coordinated development of real estate, robot and modern agriculture; not to mention the huge empire territory of Ali and Tencent. Long term vision and diversified layout have always been the secret of the prosperity of many enterprises.

Therefore, enterprises should make clear their core advantages and main business, and at the same time, make good use of resource integration and cooperation alliance, constantly expand the development boundary and circle of friends of enterprises, and establish a community of business destiny related to their own enterprises, so as to strengthen the branches and tentacles of enterprises, so that they can have multiple forces to support the enterprises at the critical moment.

Aimei group, which has been deeply engaged in the field of beautiful health for many years, has also carried out the layout of seven business forms, including beauty and health, catering, Internet, education, finance, media and decoration, and has built an ecological closed-loop of the beautiful health industry. Through mutual empowerment among various sectors, the sudden impact has been reduced to the greatest extent, and the anti risk ability has been improved. It is also worthy of many enterprises in the field of Meikang Industry reference.

Under the epidemic situation, we hope that all enterprises can actively adjust their strategies, work together to survive the cold winter, and make contributions to the sustained, stable and healthy economic development of private enterprises.